Movement, Function, Movement

“Do you struggle figuring out a body position in a crux move or lift? Maybe you can’t get how to move your body to complete the crux? Are things just not quite firing right? Is it a strength issue, a flexibility issue or has your body just forgotten how to move?”


Where you’re at:

At times it just feels like something is missing, you’re training hard and putting the effort in, but you’re still stuck and getting frustrated. It may take you longer to figure out movement sequences or learn new movements. Things don’t feel as fluid or as efficient as they could and you know the potential is in there, its just a case of how to you unlock it!?!

What your issues tend to be:

  • Feel that something is missing in your movement.

  • Struggle to find the right body position when you need it or struggle to pick up and learn new movements.

  • Compensations in other areas of your body, with tight muscles and lack of movement.

  • Potentially other injuries starting to show themselves.

  • Movement is limited or restricted during certain movements.

  • Range of movement and flexibility has got worse/less.

  • Strength is not there when you need it.

  • Losing power or explosiveness at the vital moment.


What you need help with right now:

  • Someone to tell you exactly what is going on with your body, what’s tight, what’s weak and explain it in a way you can understand.

  • Someone to tell you why things have happened the way they have and how you can correct them.

  • A tried and tested, step by step plan to correct movement dysfunction and get your body moving like it’s supposed to.

  • 1:1 guidance and correction to keep you on track, helping you break through your plateau and reach your goals so much quicker

  • Session notes in an easy to access format with pictures/videos of each exercise, making sure you don’t forget and making life as easy as 1, 2, 3.