Join Peak Pro Fitness at the Climbing Works, Sheffield for a range of classes designed to compliment your climbing, improve your fitness and keep you on the wall!

Simply book your one-off class using the calendars below, or purchase a 5 class pass and redeem your coupon to receive a 15% discount.


Move Better - Mobility Class

60 minute mobility class designed to find and loosen all those tight spots, get you moving better and show you how to apply your new found flexibility into functional movement, reducing your risk of injury and improving your performance on the wall!

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MONDAYS - 18:00

Train Smarter - Circuits Class

60 minute circuits and conditioning classes designed to get you fit quick and build a balanced and well conditioned body that can handle all the training you want to throw at it! Build a bomb-proof core and solid shoulder setup perfect for sending those winter projects!

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ON Ramp - Strength & Conditioning Induction

Want to access our Strength & Conditioning classes? Feel that you need to learn the basics or get a check up before you start?

Our ‘On Ramp’ session is purposely designed to show you all that you need to know, to start training the Peak Pro Fitness way! Because our classes are a little bit ‘out of the box' we want to make sure that you have all the vital information you need and get you on the fast track to training smarter and achieving more than you ever thought possible.

This 60 minute ‘On Ramp’ class covers core function in the basic olympic movements and transfers these skills into gymnastic movements, making sure that when you make the step up to our Strength & Conditioning classes you have all the knowledge and know-how to click straight into the training groove.

Key areas covered:

Bracing Sequences: The good, the bad and the down right ugly.
Core function and movement initiation for deadlift, squats, pushing and pulling.
Training the Hollow Body way.
An introduction to gymnastics movements.

NB - Please make sure you have completed an On Ramp class before signing up to the Achieve More classes, below.

Achieve More - Strength & Conditioning class

A 90 min strength and conditioning class done the Peak Pro Fitness way! Designed to take away the stress of training, these classes include physical profiling, warm up prep, body activation sequencing, body weight exercises and functional strength and conditioning.

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