Having worked with 100’s of climbers to help them recover quicker, move better, train smarter and achieve more than they thought possible, here’s what a few of our clients had to say about working with Peak Pro Fitness. Regardless of whether you’ve just started climbing, are a fully fledged trad legend, just want to reach the next grade or are aspiring to something much bigger we can help so have a read and if you think it’s a great fit, make sure you get in touch!

Tim carried out a movement assessment to determine my strengths and weaknesses whilst climbing, then prepared a phased training plan specific to my needs, to peak for the Bouldering World Cup season.

He explained exercises well and made sure I was able to do them correctly making sure the training was fun and challenging.

Tim was readily available for support and advice whenever I needed it and regularly checked how things were going. He also provided excellent Sports Massage Therapy to keep my body functioning, despite what I put it through whilst bouldering!

Training with Tim made me fitter and stronger than I had ever been before, and the confidence it gave me in my own ability helped me conquer some of my mental climbing hurdles too. Anyone wanting to find out what they are truly capable of in their sport should seek Tim’s advice.
— Diane Merrick: British Bouldering Team Member

I have been working with Tim for 12 months now, he is a first class Sports Massage Therapist and his knowledge and advice on how to rehabilitate my shoulder injury has been superb!

I would highly recommend Tim to any serious athlete. Tim’s advice and treatment has helped me reach a personal best!
— Andy Cave: Motivational Speaker, Author & Professional Mountaineer

Tim knew exactly what to do and gave me excellent advice if the same problems occurred in the future. Tim was very patient, very understanding and his professionalism was outstanding!

He gave clear explanations of what he was doing, when he was doing it and was understanding of my needs as a Dancer.

I would definitely recommend Tim to fellow Athletes & Dancers.
— Laura Simms: Professional Singer & Dancer

The 3 part fitness program Tim has me on, has clearly been put together by someone who has a complete understanding of training. I am regularly challenged by the difficulty of a new exercise, then rewarded when I can progress to the next level. The result is a permanently revived interest and increased motivation.
Tim has the knowledge and experience to get you better results than you could have ever expected, and to keep your routine fresh with new and challenging exercises. Tim, shows a genuine and enthusiastic interest in your training, while maintaining a relaxed and friendly persona. This makes Tim very approachable and always helpful.
— Nick Chia: Indo Board Athlete

I was so impressed with my initial session with Tim, and have enjoyed my sessions ever since. Tim, spent a long time accurately assessing the extent of my back problems and reassured me that I would be able to do all sorts of things I initially found difficult.
My health and mobility have quite literally been transformed. I have lost 2 stone in weight, decreased my body fat by 10% and dramatically reduced my blood pressure and increased my cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and strength.

The improvement has amazed me. I am now doing things that surprise everyone, including my GP!
— Laura Mitchell

My running is really important to me; it helps me to stay fit enough to do the other activities that I am passionate about (exploring the mountains of Scotland and Italy), gives me ‘head space’ and an opportunity to be outside.

I first started seeing Tim when I changed to a neutral/barefoot running shoe. His thorough and well explained gait analysis helped me to really understand what had been gradually going wrong for me. With a change of shoe I already felt freer in my running but working with Tim I discovered so much more about the biomechanics of how I used my body.
From this point of understanding he developed a simple to adhere to programme that progressed at a pace to suite me. It enabled me to feel like I was working with my body and harnessing what it wants to do naturally.

The most important factor for me was that Tim really listened to my feedback and took on board my needs and goals, and we laughed in my sessions!
I feel I achieved permanent and considerable gains from a small number of sessions.
— G.Bradley

My running was being hampered by a succession of injuries before Tim looked at my running technique and the working of individual muscles, and it is now more efficient and injury-free thanks to the changes he has made.
Tim has also provided specific stretching, self-massage and strengthening routines, which continue to help me. He is very good at explaining what we are trying to achieve, which helps me to understand and remember the exercises!
— Chris Ashton

I came to Tim because I had an old shoulder injury from about seven years ago which never really cleared up. I was restricting my climbing movements, always fearing the pain of reaching too far.
With a thorough analysis of my movement in the first session, and doing Tim’s exercises I was able to restore full movement in three follow up sessions. Tim gave a clear explanation of my poor posture and how I could correct it. It was good to be taught how to correct myself rather than just being worked on.

Tim went straight to the cause of the problem and remained focused giving full support to restore my motion and then strengthen my shoulder. Tim also emailed a written summary of the exercises so I could continue the treatment at home.
— Pete Hiscock

I first found Tim at the start of the school Summer holidays, when my exercise levels drop. I had agreed to a series of fundraising challenges for school and had walked up Ben Nevis the previous year and was noticeably unprepared.
My next challenge was Yorkshire 3 Peaks and I wasn’t about to make the same mistake again! I had also been recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis so limiting the types of training I could do. The challenge was much more enjoyable this year and I felt fitter & more able to achieve my goal.

However the biggest transformation has been with all the preparation for a family ski holiday. He worked hard at preparing me for the rigours of the twists & turns, bumps & dips of trying to keep up with my boys on the slopes! It paid dividends as I was chasing the last lift down most days, getting the boys to keep going so we could get home!

I would strongly recommend Tim as he listens to what is require, what challenges are faced and tailors the exercises accordingly.
— Jo Tear