meet tim


Tim combines his eagerness to learn, fascination with how the body works and moves and a passion for being outdoors. His love for PE at school, and a drive for understanding how the body worked quite naturally progressed to university to study Sport & Exercise Science and develop this knowledge into instruction and coaching

“Climbing, is the one thing that seems to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together for me. It gets me outside in the most amazing places, allows opportunities to travel and see amazing things, it gives me that escape that most crave but struggle to find, to be able to turn phones off and escape technology and the buzz of a city for a while.”

After completing a diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy, the theory of how the body howkred and practical hands on knowledged were linked together for Tim, and he developed the perfect toolkit to help others.

"I’ve been really lucky over the past 7 years, in the fact that by moving to Sheffield and following my dreams I’ve helped 100’s of clients including some of the biggest names in the climbing industry and currently have the great opportunity to work and travel with the GB Climbing Teams."

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"I want to change the climbing communities perception of strength & conditioning and training for climbing, to show other’s smarter ways to train, to create better movers, who are more able to deal with the stresses of climbing, recover from injury quicker or maybe even stop them occurring in the first place and ultimately take their climbing to new heights and great achievements."